Cristina Requena

Cristina Requena Consultora d’art Artemisia, Art & Tendenziös, Spanien, Dozentin in der LIK Fotokunstklasse

Cristina Requena

Only two things are a constant in my life: yoga and culture. My mother taught me to look at the world, and take a deep breath before an exam. After that, different yoga teachers taught me to be aware of my breathing and my environment.

I studied laws as my profession, and I worked in that for seven years. After that, I decided to change my life, I was out of the orderly world with long hours at the office and I began new projects. I needed to see another world. Yoga and arts was my answer.

I started to study photography and contemporary art. And at the same time, I begin to work as a teacher, and manage different socio cultural projects. I needed to share what I love, arts and culture, and they should be the living factors for my professional career.

Four years ago I opened Artemisia’s Gallery, a place where people can see art, and if they want they can be active viewers. Artemisia is a place where you can speak and learn about arts. Because culture is not an entertainment, the cultures ask for an intellectual exercise; it’s funny, but if you want to read a book, listen to any song, look at a picture, take a photo… you need to make an intelligent exercise. 

In Artemisia we bet for the culture in general, and for that reason we make exhibitions of arts, and also concerts, theatre, poetry reading, and many other activities. 

At the same time, I coordinate different projects as freelance for other museums or organizations. And I do also different collaborations, such as presentations, talks, etc...

So, more or less, this is Cristina. A young woman who likes to talk, to learn, to share, to enjoy the world of culture, to eat vegetarian food, to spend some time with my friends, to practice yoga, to take photos, etc...