Während des Lehrgangs werden die Studentinnen eine Fotoausstellung konzeptionieren und in ihrer Freizeit ausführen - Die Dozenten agieren als Kuratoren, Chefkurator Reinhard Nadrchal:


Den Zugang zum Kunstmarkt einschätzen und erlangen. 

"I will speak about the relationship between artist and galleries, and the importance of the necessity of promoting the work of art. Because an artist need talent, but need something more: luck (yes of course), personal skills, and help of a good cultural and art manager."

Talent and something more

The artist needs technique (studies) and talent (intuition) to do an excellent work of art. But after that, what do we do?

The art has got lots of roles, or any. This is not the question for now. Here we need to know what to do with our art, if we want live from it.

Some time ago, there were two figures: patrons and representatives. Today the patrons have become extinct, and there are very few representatives. So, there is only a solution for the artist: to be representative by himself and to sell his own work of art, to win money and finance his own job. You are freelance, welcome to the real world!

In this class I will try to give you some clues to be your own representatives and some minimum requirements to learn how to “move” your work. 


Legal worker
How to draw up a speech (to be coherent with all your work)
Making yourself known (to offer your work to interviews, take part in specialist blogs, to be your own community manager, “puerta fría”)
To combine work (artist and others) is possible (to be faithful to your personal work, to accept other assignments, which is not to sell yourself, but to be intelligent).